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Maruska Speziali

Maruska Speziali was born in Switzerland in 1960. In 1983, she was awarded her degree from the Academy of Fine Arts (Brera, Milano) with at hesis titled “Fabric Decoration in the Italian Renaissance”. She continued her training at the Marangoni School, specializing in apparel, with particular emphasis on fashion plate, model, size-grading, and prototyping. Soon therafter started her collaboration with numerous fashion houses as a freelancer.

In 1984, when she received a volume about antique patchwork as a gift, it was love at first sight. Maruska’s three children were born between 1987 and 1992. Though her professional life was restricted in this period, she managed to continue her research in various artistic fields as well as attend courses on sewing and embroidery.

In 1995, she created a doll inspired by the American Country style which had enormous success in Italy.

In 2008, she moved on to dedicate herself exclusively to patchwork. Having acquired a Gammill Longarm quilting machine, she dedicated extensive time to her training and specialized in embroidery.

Since 2009, Maruska has participated in the most important European patchwork and embroidery exhibitions.

She is currently a business owner and dedicates herself to projects inspired by the world of patchwork.

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